Seasonal Rates

2022 Seasonal Rates

Open from May 15th to Sept. 30th.

Trailer: 30 amp electric     $3,600.00

Trailer: 50 amp electric     $3,900.00

Utilities: water, 400 kW of electric per month, sewer, cable TV and free Wi-Fi.

Includes 4 people, not interchangeable

Trailer Guidelines

  • Must Have:                                                      Not Allowed:
  • be less than 10-year-old                                      Electric heat
  • have a flat roof                                                       Electric hot water tank
  • have holding tanks                                               Washing machines
  • camper style toilet                                                Clothes Dryer
  • under 400 square feet                                         Outside appliances.
  • propane heat
  • propane hot water tank